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Materials has several intramural sports teams. Past teams have included dodgeball, broomball, soccer, and volley ball. Come play or support our teams!
===Blues pub===
Twice a year, MEUS hosts a pub in the basement of the McConnell building, in the common room. Come enjoy a beverage and a grilled cheese, try your hand at our die games and socialize with fellow engineers. They won Blues Pub of the Year for the 2018-2019 year with Mamma Mia! Here We Blues Again! Lisa Stokke (she played Sophie in the original Mamma Mia! Musical) sent an endorsement video for our blues.
Banquet is held twice a year, in a fancy restaurant. It is a great opportunity to wine and dine with your fellow classmates (and sometimes profs) and to finish off a semester in high spirits!
===Moose Coords===
The Moose Coords is a committee of students independent of the MEUS executive which plans social and professional events. Please follow our instagram: moose_coords to be updated with all the exciting upcoming events.
=== '''E-Week''' ===
==Networking Events==
===Industry Tours===

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