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Open Air Pub

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OAP in the fall takes place the week before Labour day (Monday through Friday) and the week of Labour day (Tuesday through Friday). It typically is not open on weekends or on Labour day because of the high cost of hiring McGill security on overtime.
[[File:OAP2013.jpg|thumb|right|220px|OAP in 2013]]
OAP paired up with McGill Athletic's during homecoming for 2015 & 2016 (almost 2017). The annual homecoming game featured live music, open BBQ grills run by student volunteers, and OAPrices. It ceased in 2017 due to beer price requirements at Molson Stadium
===Snow AP===
From 2000-20009, the OAP Committee ran Snow AP, a winter rendition of the event. It featured large tents over the field, heat lamps, and snow. It eventually stopped due to increasing cost of running the event, general coldness, and the environmental impact of the gasoline used for heat lamps.
==1989 - 1991==
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