Mental Health Committee Policy

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What is a policy?
Important Documents
Adopted 2017-08
Last Modified 2017-04

Article 1: Definition

1.1 The Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (hereafter referred as “ EUS ”) is the registered name of the non-for-profit corporation representing the engineering and architecture undergraduate students at McGill University
1.2 The Board of Governors of the EUS is the administrative board of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University which is composed of Administrators as defined by the EUS Constitution
1.3 The EUS shall recognise all Departmental Societies, Clubs, and Design Teams set forth in the relevant articles of the EUS Constitution as EUS Groups
1.4 CREIQ shall be the term used to describe the Conference pour le rayonnement des
étudiants en ingénierie du Québec.

Article 2: Purpose

2.1 The purpose of the Mental Health Committee shall be to:
2.1.1 Increase mental health awareness among EUS members;
2.1.2 Promote campus resources and other tangible tools to improve student wellbeing;
2.1.3 Collaborate with the Faculty of Engineering, McGill Administration, and other relevant external organizations as well as undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering to create a more supportive campus environment.

Article 3: Membership

3.1 The Mental Health Committee shall contain the following positions:
3.1.1 Mental Health Commissioner
3.1.2 Financial Officer
3.1.3 Academic Coordinator
3.1.4 Communications Coordinator
3.1.5 External Coordinator
3.1.6 Workshop Coordinator
3.2 The Mental Health Commissioner shall act as the Chair of the Mental Health Committee.
3.3 The members of the Mental Health Committee shall be selected following the rules set out in the EUS Recruitment Policy.
3.4 The Mental Health Committee shall also have an Outreach Group as described in Article 4.

Article 4: Responsibilities

4.1 The Mental Health Committee shall:
4.1.1 Host at least one campaign or event per academic semester to promote resources and raise awareness for mental health.
4.1.2 Conduct a faculty-wide wellness survey at least every two (2) years to assess the state of well-being of the undergraduate students. The Mental Health Committee should attempt to coordinate with provincial and national organizations for the creation of the survey
4.2 The Mental Health Commissioner shall:
4.2.1 Oversee the activities and organization of the Mental Health Committee.
4.2.2 Ensure the initiatives of the Committee follow an intersectional approach and meet the needs of diverse groups.
4.2.3 Provide an exit report to the Vice President Student Life of the EUS summarizing the activities of the Mental Health Committee.
4.2.4 Provide proper transition to the incoming Mental Health Commissioner and maintain detailed institutional memory.
4.2.5 Be available to refer students to appropriate resources if approached in person or by email.
4.2.6 Take over the duties of the Financial Officer should the position be vacant
4.3 The Financial Officer shall:
4.3.1 Create and oversee the Committee’s annual budget.
4.3.2 Submit a budget to the Vice President Finance of the EUS
4.3.3 Apply for funding from MESC Student Initiative Fund and other sources available as required (e.g. SSMU Campus Life Fund).
4.4 The Academic Coordinator shall:
4.4.1 Tackle academic issues (eg. academic workload, examination scheduling, and grading schemes) in collaboration with the Vice President Academic of EUS and produce written reports on those topics
4.4.2 Promote mental health considerations within the curriculum by liaising with the VP Academics of Departmental Societies.
4.4.3 Provide documentation and information on student assessment as well as mental wellness to the VP Academics of Departmental Societies
4.5 The Communications Coordinator shall:
4.5.1 Develop the Mental Health Committee’s social media and outreach strategy
4.5.2 Inform EUS members of projects, meetings, and other initiatives of interest through different channels of communication such as posters, tabling, EUS Pipeline, EUS Publications, and the EUS website.
4.5.3 Ensure the information on the EUS wiki page related to the Mental Health Committee is up to date.
4.5.4 Organize the Outreach Group, defined in Article 5.
4.6 The External Coordinator shall:
4.6.1 Coordinate collaboration between the Mental Health Committee and other relevant groups on campus such as Mental Health & Counselling Services, Office for Students with Disabilities, Office of Dean of Students, SSMU Mental Health Committee, and other student groups.
4.6.2 Participate in initiatives on student wellness conducted by the Quebec Conference of Engineering Student Outreach and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students.
4.6.3 Stay up to date on mental health initiatives on campus.
4.7 The Workshop Coordinator shall:
4.7.1 Organize events to promote mental health resources & discussions within the EUS community, including but not limited to: Events meant for Mental Health Committee members Events meant for EUS members Events organized in conjunction with other student groups & societies on campus;
4.7.2 Oversee booking, scheduling, and logistics of wellness related workshops aimed at EUS members.

Article 5: Outreach Group

5.1 The Mental Health outreach group shall be composed of EUS members who are willing to support the Mental Health Committee in the promotion of wellness initiatives and to generate feedback on wellness from other EUS members.
5.1.1 There should preferably be one EUS member for each Departmental Society
5.2 The outreach group shall be under the charge of the Communication and Workshop Coordinators and meet at least once a month during the Academic Year.

Article 6: Budget

6.1 The budget of the Mental Health Committee shall consist of funding from the EUS and external funding.

Article 7: Amendment

7.1 Amendments to this policy must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Governors of the EUS

Article 8: Interpretation

8.1 In the case of a conflict between this policy and the following documents, the following documents prevail in the order they are listed in:
8.1.1 The Quebec Companies Act
8.1.2 The EUS Letters Patent
8.1.3 The EUS Constitution
8.1.4 The EUS Bylaws