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What is a policy?
Important Documents
Adopted 2016-03
Last Modified 2017-08

ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE SOCIETY OF MCGILL UNIVERSITY McGill Engineering Design Network (MEDN) Policy Adopted March 2016, Amended August 2017

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 The Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (hereafter referred as “ EUS ”) is the registered name of the non-for-profit corporation representing the engineering and architecture undergraduate students at McGill University
1.2 The Board of Governors of the EUS is the administrative board of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University which is composed of Administrators as defined by the EUS Constitution
1.3 The EUS shall recognise all Departmental Societies, Clubs, and Design Teams set forth in the relevant articles of the EUS Constitution as EUS Groups
1.4 McGill Engineering Design Network, hereby referred to as MEDN , is the space occupied by design teams, located in McConnell Engineering room 021.
1.5 Design teams are classified as student groups that build vehicles or structures for use in competition, and are ratified at Design Team Funding Committee ( DTFC ) in each semester.
1.6 The EUS is the governing body of which controls the MEDN space.
1.7 The Safety Committee shall be referred to as SC, with duties outlined in Article 4.1.2.
1.8 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, hereby referred to as WHMIS , shall refer to the certification offered by the Environmental Health & Safety unit of McGill.
1.9 Academic year shall begin on the first day of the Fall semester and end on the last day of the exams period of the Winter semester
1.10 The MEDN Code of Conduct shall refer to the Agreement between the students occupying the space and faculty.

Article 2: Purpose of MEDN

2.1 To provide a workshop space for design teams under the EUS according to space availability.

Article 3: Membership

3.1 Within the space there shall be limited number of design teams.
3.1.1 At the beginning of each semester, an updated list of members, WHMIS status and expiry date, and McGill ID numbers must be submitted to the EUS Vice President Services, faculty advisor and faculty, as compiled by the captains of the respective teams. The information may be shared with Fire Prevention upon request.
3.2 Individuals who will be handling hazardous materials within MEDN must have WHMIS training.
3.3 Any team can request space in MEDN by submitting; a written report to the Vice-President Student Life of the EUS. The request shall be shared with each of the captains of the resident MEDN teams, and shall be voted upon and passed with consensus at a meeting of all MEDN captains and the Vice President Student Life of the EUS, or a meeting of the DTFC only if space reallocation is needed due to design team dissolution.
3.3.1 The report must contain the intended use for the space, the location of the space they are requesting within MEDN, specifications of equipment to be used in the area and whether or not it is permanent or temporary usage.
3.3.2 A walk down should be performed by the Vice President Student Life of the EUS and the resident team captains to assess space usage once an application is received.
3.3.3 If the team does not adhere to the bylaws and policies in place, their space may be revoked with consensus of all captains and Vice President Student Life of the EUS.
3.4 Should a design team dissolve or lose design team status, their space shall be reallocated.

Article 4: Responsibilities

4.1 Captains must ensure that each member adheres to the guidelines put forth in this document.
4.1.1 They must ensure an adequate level of cleanliness is upheld in their workspace, within the standards of the Building Director.
4.2 The collective group of captains shall function as the Safety Committee
4.2.1 The SC shall communicate with the team on a regular basis with transparency and truthfulness regarding legitimate decisions and problems. They will provide respectful and useful suggestions. Should an unbiased opinion be needed, they may contact the Vice President Student Life of the EUS for further action.
4.2.2 The SC shall follow and enforce team and faculty rules, such as the MEDN Code of Conduct consistently.
4.2.3 They shall attempt to meet on a monthly basis to address any issues that may arise.
4.2.4 They shall attempt to meet on a monthly basis to address any issues that may arise.
4.2.5 They shall have the authority to create any sub-committee to address issues such as space repairs and maintenance, acquisition of supplies, etc.
4.2.6 The SC should ensure that all members with access to MEDN are WHMIS certified, or signed up for a WHMIS training session.
4.2.7 The SC should ensure that all members with access to MEDN have read and acknowledged the MEDN Code of Conduct

Article 5: Space

5.1 The space inside the workshop shall be fairly divided by need.
5.1.1 Should another team want to acquire space designated to another team, there must be written consent from both teams with specifications regarding the space change.
5.2 Further instructions on usage is in the MEDN Code of Conduct.
5.3 The members of MEDN shall respect other teams assets and space, fairly and equally.

Article 6: Amendments

6.1 Amendments to this policy must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Governors

Article 7: Interpretation

7.1 In the case of a conflict between this policy and the following documents, the following documents prevail in the order they are listed in:
7.1.1 The Quebec Companies Act
7.1.2 The EUS Letters Patent
7.1.3 The EUS Constitution
7.1.4 The EUS Bylaws