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What is a policy?
Important Documents
Adopted 2017-08
Last Modified 2017-08

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 The Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (hereafter referred to as “ EUS ”) is the registered name of the non-for-profit corporation representing the engineering and architecture undergraduate students at McGill University
1.2 The Board of Governor s of the EUS is the administrative board of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University which is composed of Administrators as defined by the EUS Constitution
1.3 EUS Groups shall be defined as officially recognized groups under the EUS Constitution such as Clubs & Design Teams, Departmental Societies
1.4 General Member: A member of the committee who does not hold specific responsibilities, but may assist with the IT Committee’s projects, at their discretion.
1.5 The Engineering Network: The Engineering Network, (hereafter referred to as “TeN”), encompasses the TV screen clients across campus governed by the EUS.
1.6 Slide : TeN screens display one item at a time. These are each called “slides”, after Microsoft Powerpoint’s nomenclature. This includes images, videos, live streams, & webpages.

Article 2: Purpose

2.1 The EUS IT Committee is dedicated to providing digital services including but not limited to:
2.1.1 Email accounts for all EUS Groups, committees, and relevant persons
2.1.2 Free website hosting and/or a * domain for any EUS Group and committee
2.1.3 TeN Screens to display information that is relevant EUS students,
2.1.4 Maintenance, community engagement, hosting, and content development for the EUS Wiki
2.1.5 Maintaining the Infosys Domain Network and the computers within it.
2.2 To develop and maintain the software and hardware on which the EUS relies on
2.3 To provide an infrastructure for digital projects to members of the EUS
2.4 To teach IT skills to students with interest in participating in the activities of the IT Committee, in order to ensure the sustainability of this committee.

Article 3: Membership

3.1 The membership of the IT Committee shall consist of:
3.1.1 The IT Director, who shall assume the role of the committee chair,
3.1.2 Up to two of each of the following positions at the discretion of the selection committee: TeN Manager(s) Webmaster(s) Wiki Curator(s)
3.1.3 General Members

Article 4: Selection Committee

4.1 The selection of all IT Committee members, with the exception of general members, shall be done in accordance with the relevant EUS policies & bylaws
4.2 The selection committee for the IT Director shall:
4.2.1 Consist of the incoming and outgoing Vice President Communications of the EUS, as well as the outgoing IT Director
4.3 The selection committee for the TeN Manager(s), Webmaster(s), & Wiki Curator(s) shall:
4.3.1 Consist of the incoming and outgoing IT Director, as well as the incoming Vice President Communications of the EUS
4.4 General members need not be chosen by selection committee to gain status, instead being appointed by the IT Director.

Article 5: Responsibilities

5.1 All members of the IT committee must:
5.1.1 Create and uphold documentation for services created/changed during their term
5.1.2 Meet regularly with the IT Director
5.1.3 Submit an exit report no later than June 1st to the Vice President Communications of the EUS, except general members
5.1.4 Actively pursue a better understanding of the underlying technologies which they oversee,
5.1.5 Exercise mindful security practices with respect to passwords and sensitive system information.
5.2 The responsibilities of the IT Director shall be to:
5.2.1 Ensure the security, stability, and safety of the EUS servers and services,
5.2.2 Periodically re-evaluate the relevance of the services offered by the IT committee in context of time, money, energy, technological relevance, and efficiency,
5.2.3 Assume the role of administrator on the Google Apps Domain,
5.2.4 Draft and maintain the IT Committee’s annual budget,
5.2.5 Ensure the McConnell Room 9 space is kept organized and the storage space effectively used,
5.2.6 Ensure the functionality of the room booking service as defined in the Infosys Room Booking Policy,
5.2.7 Ensure the Axolotl election system is functional and available for use by the EUS CRO,
5.2.8 Manage the IT Committee, including: Providing relevant resources to better achieve the mandate of the IT Committee, Holding the various members accountable to their responsibilities and projects, Fostering a sense of community and support, Meeting regularly with the members, Taking on or delegating the responsibilities of absent committee members.
5.3 The responsibilities of the TeN Manager(s) shall be to:
5.3.1 Uphold the TeN Posting Policy,
5.3.2 Assure regular maintenance and reliable uptime on the TeN clients & server host with the help of the IT Director,
5.3.3 Promote & assist the production of content relevant to EUS constituents,
5.3.4 Gather and manage the slides that will be viewed on TeN, under the supervision of the Vice President Communications of the EUS,
5.3.5 Oversee user account creation & logistics for the various third party groups who are granted access to TeN’s slide management interface,
5.3.6 Maintain the existing network of contacts within the McGill community and foster a shared understanding of the existing working relationships.
5.3.7 Maintain relevant hardware and tool storage in the McConnell room 9. The TeN Manager is therein provided a key to McConnell Room 9 as a workspace to fix TeN Computers.
5.4 The responsibilities of the Webmaster(s) shall be to:
5.4.1 Uphold the Website Policy,
5.4.2 Act as administrators on the EUS web server, including but not limited to: Providing user & group management services, such as credential creation, Managing directory permissions, Supervising the development of EUS websites, Monitoring hosted content to ensure the server does not host any compromised (hacked) websites.
5.4.3 Hold regular office hours, which shall act as forum to assist tertiary webmasters in the EUS,
5.4.4 Provide resources for the creation or update of websites within the EUS, such as best practices, themes, and security,
5.4.5 To create and update the content of the EUS website in conjunction with the Vice President Communications of the EUS.
5.5 The responsibilities of the Wiki Curator(s) shall be to
5.5.1 Uphold the Wiki Policy,
5.5.2 Actively contribute to the EUS Wiki,
5.5.3 Actively encourage and promote both the use of and contribution to the EUS Wiki,
5.5.4 Hold regular work sessions where EUS members will work on updating and creating important wiki articles,
5.5.5 Curate the users & content to ensure the EUS Wiki does not contain unwanted content.

Article 6: TeN Policy

6.1 Purpose:
6.1.1 TeN shall exist primarily to serve information to engineering undergraduate students.
6.2 Content:
6.2.1 Content posted to TeN Screens is managed at the discretion of the TeN Manager.
6.2.2 Priority of all content is given to EUS Groups and committees. Content types include: Event promotion: Intended for internal EUS events. Faculty collaboration events, speakers relevant to engineering, and McGill-wide student-organized or McGill-organized events are permitted. Departmental specific content: Limited to those TeN screens pertaining to their “home” building, with the exception granted for those events specifically targeting interdisciplinary demographics. Information: McGill may post slides of information deemed important to the EUS student body that are explicitly informative. EUS Goings-On Information pertaining to EUS & departmental election cycles, including but not limited to promotion of the application period, the voting period, and the results. Sports scores and standings may be posted. The EUS Wiki will be given priority for slide placement to encourage active contribution. Community Building: wholesome content, such as welcoming messages, well wishes during stressful times, and fun-spirited memes will be posted at the discretion of the TeN Manager. Celebration of EUS Groups and committees: recognizing success in competitions, prestigious awards, and participation in notable events shall be showcased. Pictures of everyone’s favourite cartoon character, Bugs Bunny.
6.2.3 McGill Alcohol Policy: All slides must adhere to McGill’s Alcohol policy.
6.2.4 Other: Content which is not covered may be approved at the discretion of the TeN Manager. If this type of content is likely to be posted frequently in the future, the content type should be amended into the TeN Policy.
6.3 Prioritization
6.3.1 Prioritization decisions fall to the discretion of the TeN Manager.
6.3.2 Content prioritization may be classified using the following properties: Number of days a slide appears, Frequency of appearance, Number of screens a slide appears on.
6.3.3 Content shall be prioritized according the the following notions: EUS events will be given priority advertisement. Long-standing information priority will be lowered.
6.4 Advertisement
6.4.1 Advertisement of any kind for groups external to McGill is forbidden on the TeN screens unless all of the following criteria are met: The advertisement takes up no more than ¼ of the slide, The advertisement is coupled with an EUS group’s or committee’s content, There are no more than 2 slides containing advertisement active at any time on the network.
6.4.2 Effort will be spent to reduce pollution of content of TeN, in addition to minimizing monetization of the space provided by McGill.

Article 7: Website Policy

7.1 Purpose
7.1.1 The EUS will provide all worthy parties with free server space, access, support, and an * domain, provided it aims to serve the EUS community.
7.2 Services
7.2.1 The EUS will provide services to any party within the EUS with sufficient cause, at the discretion of the EUS Webmasters.
7.2.2 The EUS servers shall donate a reasonable number of domain addresses, server hard drive space, and processing capability to said parties.
7.2.3 There shall be minimal downtime for domain name services (DNS) and web hosting services.
7.3 Content
7.3.1 The EUS Webmasters retain the right to remove from the EUS servers any content which is: inappropriate, excessive in server space use, compromised, outdated, or a risk to the security of the EUS servers.
7.3.2 Content that uses an exorbitant amount of server space without serving an equally significant purpose will be removed. The EUS Webmasters will work with the owner of that content to achieve their goals with a more appropriate amount of resources.
7.4 Access
7.4.1 The EUS Webmasters retain the right to decline services to any persons or groups who post inappropriate or harmful content.

Article 8: Wiki Policy

8.1 Purpose
8.1.1 The EUS Wiki aims to provide the students of the EUS a space to record, document, and share information that is interesting or relevant to the operations and traditions of the EUS.
8.1.2 The EUS Wiki shall be a platform promoting transparency in governance, EUS Groups and committees, and best practices.
8.2 Accounts
8.2.1 Administrative access shall be provided to: The Wiki Curator(s), the IT Director, the Vice President Communications of the EUS, the President of the EUS, and those parties seen fit at the discretion of the Curator(s).
8.2.2 All those wishing to edit the Wiki must register for an account; accounts are to be personal and not positional.
8.2.3 Account information shall be kept confidential.
8.2.4 The EUS Wiki Curators retain the right to disable or delete accounts promoting inappropriate or grossly irrelevant content. This may be contested, with the Vice President Communications of the EUS acting as arbitrator.
8.3 Formatting
8.3.1 The Wiki Curators retain the right to reformat pages at their discretion so they may better fit with the general style of the Wiki.
8.3.2 The EUS Wiki shall maintain several formatted pages and systems (for example: governance). These systems may be locked to administrators or trusted editors should vandalism or inconsistent formatting become a problem.
8.4 Lawfulness and McGill Policy Adhesion
8.4.1 Content posted on the wiki will be purged should it be found to be in violation of Canadian laws, McGill’s Charter of Student Rights, or McGill’s relevant content policies.
8.4.2 In the event that content is found distasteful, anyone may: Edit the article themselves, removing what is said or changing the way it is said, Contact the Wiki Curator to have the content removed or changed. In the case that a person finds the Wiki Curator’s resolution unsatisfactory, arbitration shall be handled by the Vice President Communications of the EUS.
8.4.3 In the event that historical content is found to be distasteful, a warning & disclaimer must be added to the top of the article noting as such. This is in done in lieu of outright removal in an effort to preserve, but not promote the past.
8.5 Advertisement
8.5.1 Contracts with parties external to the EUS and McGill University may not include the rights to advertise on the Wiki.
8.5.2 Internal promotion of Wiki articles or EUS systems will be allowed at the discretion of the Wiki Curator.

Article 9: Amendments

9.1 Amendments to this policy must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Governors of the EUS

Article 10: Interpretation

10.1 In the case of a conflict between this policy and the following documents, the following documents prevail in the order they are listed in:
10.1.1The Quebec Companies Act
10.1.2The EUS Letters Patent
10.1.3The EUS Constitution
10.1.4The EUS Bylaws