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This is the general template for EUS events, competitions, conferences, and so on. It is by no means definitive. You can also check out the EUS Calendar which is accurate as of this year, although it is possible all groups do not add to it.

Repeating Events

  • Blues Pub happens every two weeks during the school year
  • The Board of Governors meets every two weeks (almost) consistently throughout the year
  • EUS Council meets every two weeks during each semester, for a total

Fall Semester


EUS Conference
An event intended to introduce all incoming involved members of the society
The 2 week beer, music, BBQ everyone loves. It usually starts in late august and continues into the first week of classes
Orientation Week for the new students!


EUS Council Retreat
A weekend trip abroad for council members to become familiar. This is also the first council meeting of the year, which includes the selection of x2 BoG members, ratifying the list of committee chairs, and general business
Blood Drive
The EUS hosts a blood at the start of the semester. This very well may not exist anymore
Engineering Involvement Day
A one day event publicizing the different EUS Groups you can get involved with, located in the McConnell Engineering Building during a school day
Departmental Trips
An annual multi-day industry tour that some departments go on in various cities across Canada. Some of these trips include Colloquium and Mech Madness


Everyones favorite semesterly pubcrawl takes place on some Thursday (usually)


Academic Forums
Each department holds an open forum intended to allow students to voice their opinions and criticisms of classes and professors alike.
Departmental Banquets
One day, where each department goes out to a venue to enjoy food and drink, all joining up for an after party.
Iron Ring Ceremony & Iron Ring Wine and Cheese
The fall semester ceremony where graduating students are given their Iron Ring. The ceremony is followed by a wine & cheese reception.
McGill Engineering Competition
a weekend long event to show your skills through case competitions, engineering feats, and more


Things tend to wind down for Finals Season

Winter Semester


Everyone's favorite week long departmental competition
Eng Games
Schools from across Quebec get together to show their talent in debates, design competitions, and more
EUS Ski Trip
Eng organizes an annual 2-days 2-nights trip to Mont Sainte-Anne to ski, chalet, and hang out.


Election & Referenda Season
A time to throw your hat into the ring to become an EUS or Departmental exec, member of the BoG, as well as vote!
Another bar crawl


Iron Ring Ceremony & Iron Ring Wine and Cheese
The winter semester ceremony where graduating students are given their Iron Ring. The ceremony is followed by a wine & cheese reception.
Volunteer Banquet
A night to celebrate the various people who help make the EUS what it is
Plumber's Ball
A banquet/party rombo-combo to celebrate the graduating engineering students


Finals, Study up folks
OAP Lite
A two day BBQ to wind down the semester. Usually takes place last Thursday & Friday of finals season. All proceeds go to charity.

Over the Summer

Blues Pub
There's an average of three Blues Pubs every summer