Equity and Mental Health Representative Committee Policy

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What is a policy?
Important Documents
Adopted 2018-09
Last Modified 2018-09


Article 1: Definitions

1.1 The Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (hereafter “EUS”) is the registered name of the not-for-profit corporation representing the engineering and architecture undergraduate students at McGill University.
1.2 The Board of Governors of the EUS (“Board of Governors”) is the administrative board of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University which is composed of Administrators as defined by the EUS Constitution.
1.3 The EUS Equity Committee (“Equity Committee”) is the EUS committee which serves to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Faculty of Engineering of McGill University.
1.4 The Equity Commissioner(s) are the Chairs of the Equity Committee.
1.5 The Mental Health Director is the director in the Student Life portfolio tasked with disseminating mental health information to Members of the EUS.
1.6 Departmental Societies are the student groups tasked with representing the constituents of their respective departments.

Article 2: Purpose

2.1 The Equity and Mental Health Representative (“E&M”) Committee shall:
2.1.1 Uphold equity on the departmental level;
2.1.2 Inform their societies and constituents on topics pertaining to mental health and wellness;
2.1.3 Promote a culture of equity and inclusivity with a focus on mental well-being in the EUS community.

Article 3: Members of the Committee

3.1 The E&M Committee shall consist of:
3.1.1 At least one (1) equity commissioner;
3.1.2 The Mental Health Director; and
3.1.3 At least one (1) Equity and Mental Health Representative from each department.
3.2 The eight (8) Departmental Societies recognized by the E&M Committee shall be:
3.2.1 The Architecture Students Association (“ASA”);
3.2.2 The Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Society (“BUSS”);
3.2.3 The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (“CEUS”);
3.2.4 The Chemical Engineering Students Society (“ChESS”);
3.2.5 The Co-op Mining Engineering Undergraduate Society (“CMEUS”);
3.2.6 The Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Student Society (“ECSESS”);
3.2.7 The McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (“MAME”); and
3.2.8 The Materials Engineering Undergraduate Society (“MEUS”).

Article 4: Selection of Committee Members

4.1 The Representatives shall be selected at the discretion of the Departmental Societies in advance of the first E&M Committee meeting, which shall be no later than the second week of October.
4.2 The terms of office of the Representatives shall begin on May 1st and continue until April 30th of the following year, unless otherwise defined by their Departmental Society.

Article 5: Duties of Committee Members

5.1 The Equity Commissioner(s) shall:
5.1.1 Call and chair committee meetings;
5.1.2 Maintain a productive and safe environment at E&M meetings, up to and including removing individuals from meetings;
5.1.3 Organize pertinent equity-related trainings for the Representatives;
5.1.4 Report the activities of the committee to the President of the EUS; and
5.1.5 Support Representatives in the management of equity at the departmental level, including but not limited to complaints and trainings.
5.2 The Mental Health Director shall:
5.2.1 Take minutes at committee meetings;
5.2.2 Call and chair committee meetings in the absence of the Equity Commissioner(s);
5.2.3 Organize pertinent mental health and wellness-related trainings for the Representatives;
5.2.4 Support the organization of mental wellness events by the Representatives; and
5.2.5 Provide information on mental health and wellness resources and goings-on in the EUS to the Representatives.
5.3 The Representatives shall:
5.3.1 Provide a report of their activities within their Departmental Societies to the committee at each meeting;
5.3.2 Provide a report of the activities of the committee to their Departmental Societies at Departmental Council meetings, at a frequency to be determined by the Departmental President;
5.3.3 Compile pertinent information on mental health, wellness, and/or equity to be distributed to their constituents;
5.3.4 Work together to create and disseminate informational materials on equity, mental health, and related topics to the Members of the EUS.

Article 6: Replacement of Members

6.1 In the event that the position of Equity Commissioner is vacant, the Mental Health Director shall chair the E&M Committee until a replacement is appointed by the President of the EUS.
6.2 In the event that the positions of Equity Commissioner and Mental Health Chair are both vacant, the committee shall be chaired by the President of the EUS until replacements are selected.
6.2.1 These duties may be delegated to the Vice President Student Life at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the EUS.
6.3 In the event that a Representative position is vacant, it shall be filled at the discretion of the concerned Departmental Society.
6.4 A Representative may be impeached at the discretion of their Departmental Society.
6.4.1 Ground for impeachment may include, but are not limited to, impropriety, delinquency of duties, or violation of the provisions of the EUS Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies.
6.4.2 A motion for impeachment may be brought to a Departmental President by the Chair of the committee.

Article 7: Finances

7.1 The budget of the Equity and Mental Health Representative Committee shall consist of funding from the EUS.
7.2 The costs of organizing events by a Representative for their department shall be subsidized by the appropriate Departmental Society.

Article 8: Amendments

8.1 Amendments to this policy shall be approved by a simple majority vote of the EUS Council.
8.2 Amendments to this policy shall be ratified by a simple majority vote of the Board of Governors.

Article 9: Interpretation

9.1 In the case of a conflict between this policy and the following documents, the following documents prevail in the order in which they are listed:
9.1.1 The Quebec Companies Act;
9.1.2 The EUS Letters Patent;
9.1.3 The EUS Constitution;
9.1.4 The EUS Bylaws.