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What is a policy?
Important Documents
Adopted 2017-08
Last Modified 2017-08

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 The Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (hereafter referred as “ EUS ”) is the registered name of the non-for-profit corporation representing the engineering and architecture undergraduate students at McGill University
1.2 The Board of Governors of the EUS is the administrative board of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University which is composed of Administrators as defined by the EUS Constitution
1.3 The EUS shall recognise all Departmental Societies, Clubs, and Design Teams set forth in the relevant articles of the EUS Constitution as EUS Groups
1.4 The Engineering Social Committee shall be referred to as “ ESC ” hereafter

Article 2: Purpose

2.1 Organizing events for all engineering students throughout the academic year.
2.2 Increasing involvement and participation in engineering events by offering a wide variety of activities.
2.3 Organizing cross-faculty events in order to allow engineering students to interact with other faculties on a more regular basis.
2.4 Promoting engineering spirit & culture outside the engineering faculty.
2.5 Hosting staple annual events & creating new annual events.
2.6 Events can include but are not limited to: century clubs, balls, bus trips, movie nights, beer die league, 3-man, etc.
2.7 Explore new event ideas and request feedback from the community.

Article 3: Membership

3.1 The ESC shall be lead by one chair or two co-chairs, depending on the results of the selection committee.
3.2 Three Vice President Positions:
3.2.1 Vice President of Communications
3.2.2 Vice President of External Relations
3.2.3 Vice President of Finance The chair or co-chair of the ESC may also take on the role of Vice President of Finance if it is decided that none will be selected.
3.3 General Members
3.3.1 General Members can attend
3.4 Should follow the organizing committee bylaws with respect to chief selection

Article 4: Responsibilities

4.1 Chair or Co-Chairs
4.1.1 Manage the ESC and plan the semesterly events calendar which must be completed before the start of each semester.
4.1.2 Be in communication with the Vice President Internal of the EUS about events and inform them of changes in the event calendar.
4.1.3 Hold weekly meetings if possible during the semester with a minimum of two VPs.
4.2 Vice President of Communications
4.2.1 Advertise events to the Engineering community.
4.2.2 Responsible for leading and organizing all promotional activities such as social media , posters ,tabling , and ticket sales
4.2.3 Coordinate with Vice President Internal of the EUS to broaden the committee’s communications network.
4.2.4 Maintain social media platforms and ensure they are up to date on specific happenings of the ESC.
4.3 Vice President of External Relations
4.3.1 Responsible for expanding and maintaining relationships with external organizations, sponsors and departments.
4.3.2 Coordinate with our external partners to organize events and excursions.
4.3.3 Establish clear roles with effective, trust-based relationships between the Committee and our partners.
4.4 Vice President of Finance
4.4.1 To oversee spending in the ESC and ensure that the budget is respected.
4.4.2 To procure sponsorship for the ESC and its events.
4.4.3 To submit funding applications to the McGill Engineering Student Center, the Students Society of McGill University and other McGill funding sources deemed relevant.
4.4.4 To submit a budget request to the Vice President Finance including forecasts for all events planned that semester.
4.4.5 To oversee collection of ticket sales from the event participants.
4.4.6 To make deposits into the ESC bank account and submit cheque requisition forms,on behalf of the ESC.

Article 5: Amendments

5.1 Amendments to this policy must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Governors of the EUS

Article 6: Interpretation

6.1 In the case of a conflict between this policy and the following documents, the following documents prevail in the order they are listed in:
6.1.1 The Quebec Companies Act
6.1.2 The EUS Letters Patent
6.1.3 The EUS Constitution
6.1.4 The EUS Bylaws