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What is a policy?
Important Documents
Adopted 2013-03
Last Modified 2018-09

ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE SOCIETY OF MCGILL UNIVERSITY ENGINEERING PEER TUTORING SERVICE (EPTS) Policy Adopted March 2013 , Amended October 2013, Septembre 2015, August 2017, September 2018

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 The Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (hereafter referred as “EUS”) is the registered name of the non-for-profit corporation representing the engineering and architecture undergraduate students at McGill University
1.2 The Board of Governors of the EUS is the administrative board of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University which is composed of Administrators as defined by the EUS Constitution
1.3 The EUS shall recognise all Departmental Societies, Clubs, and Design Teams set forth in the relevant articles of the EUS Constitution as EUS Groups

Article 2: Purpose

2.1 The Engineering Peer Tutoring Service (EPTS), formerly under the name Academic Counseling in Engineering (ACE) is a free drop-in peer tutoring service administered by the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) and funded by the Faculty of Engineering of McGill University.

Article 3: Membership

3.1 There shall be one (1) Manager:
3.1.1 The Manager shall be a member of the EUS and have served as a tutor in the past.
3.1.2 The Manager shall be chosen by a Selection Committee of the EUS. The Staff Advisor

Article 4: Manager

4.1 Once appointed, the Manager shall:
4.1.1 Ensure that tutors are properly trained.
4.1.2 Advertise available tutoring positions.
4.1.3 Organize the hiring of new tutors for the coming semester.
4.1.4 Collect and compile tutors’ office hours schedule by the third week of both semesters and send to the Student Affairs Office of the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC), and the Vice President Academic of the EUS (Vice President Academic of the EUS).
4.1.5 Organize the promotion of the service (e.g. post schedule on tutoring room door & EUS office, post tutors’ office hours in proper building for respective tutor, post announcements in TeN screens, posters, the EUS Pipeline, etc.).
4.1.6 Manage the tutoring space FDA 6B (e.g. room bookings, ensuring that the room is supplied with necessary materials, etc.).
4.1.7 Prepare and oversee finances: Manage the EPTS expense accounts within the EUS including but not limited to Copi-EUS, the General Store, etc. Facilitate award payments to tutors; this means compiling, processing, and submitting the EPTS Award Service Logs to MESC, within one week of the end of the examination period.
4.1.8 Approve and schedule review sessions.
4.1.9 Supervise the normal operation of the service.
4.1.10 Keep track of student attendance to tutors’ office hours.
4.1.11 Conduct periodic meetings with the tutors to assess the progress of the service.
4.1.12 Request an evaluation of the service from the tutors at the end of the academic year.
4.1.13 Work with the staff advisor and Vice President Academic of the EUS to further the tutoring service’s interests.
4.1.14 Along with the Vice President Academic of the EUS and the Staff Advisor manage tutor dismissal.
4.1.15 Along with the Vice President Academic of the EUS, write a final report at the end of the year regarding the tutoring services.
4.1.16 Write a statistics report at the end of every semester and submit it to the Vice President Academic of the EUS and Staff Advisor no later than 3 weeks after the end of the examination period.
4.1.17 Make sure the website is updated.
4.2 Should the Manager leave for one semester, (ie. exchange, co-op term, etc.) the Vice President Academic of the EUS will act as interim manager, and account for duties 2.3.1 to 2.3.12 above.
4.3 Duration of Award (Hours):
4.3.1 The manager will be compensated with an award, according to the EPTS Memorandum of Agreement signed at the beginning of the semester with the MESC Director and the EUS Vice President Academic of the EUS
4.3.2 The hours must be accounted for in a spreadsheet, detailing how the time was spent, as well as on EPTS Award Service Log signed by MESC.

Article 5: Tutors

5.1 Qualifications for tutors
5.1.1 Tutors must be current McGill undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering.
5.1.2 Tutors must have completed their first year of engineering.
5.1.3 Tutors must have completed all courses for which they are responsible (or equivalent) with a preferred minimum letter grade of A-.
5.1.4 Tutors must have excellent oral communication skills.
5.1.5 Tutors will be interviewed by a committee chaired by the manager of EPTS and comprising of at least one of the following: Vice President Academic of the EUS, previous manager, current or previous tutor, or staff advisor. The EPTS Manager shall select the tutors based on the results of the interviews and will submit their decisions to the MESC.
5.2 Duties:
5.2.1 Tutors must submit office hours to the manager in the second week of classes of each semester.
5.2.2 Tutors must have weekly office hours that do not conflict with the U0 or U1 classes they are tutoring.
5.2.3 Tutors may hold review sessions during the semester.
5.2.4 Tutors must always be present and on time for the entirety of their scheduled hours and review sessions. In the event of a tutor being unable to make their office hours, one day’s notice should be given to the Staff Advisor, the EPTS Manager, and if feasible the students. If this is not possible, they must call the Staff Advisor and Manager as soon as possible, so that a sign may be put on the door of the EPTS tutoring room in advance of the tutoring session.
5.2.5 Tutors must make a concerted effort to clearly answer and explain a student’s question(s) in such a way that the student understands.
5.2.6 Tutors are expected to advertise and promote the service by such means as making announcements regarding the service in classes they tutor, especially at the beginning of each semester and when preparing review sessions, study sessions or tutorials.
5.2.7 Tutors are encouraged to communicate closely with the professors for the courses they tutor, for the purpose of being better prepared during their tutoring hours, and to ask the professors to promote the service as well.
5.2.8 Tutors must keep detailed records of student attendance to their office hours and seminars.
5.2.9 Tutors must attend all meetings called by the manager.
5.2.10 Tutors should have a mentor role towards students. As mentors, tutors are encouraged to give advice to students on the following: Their personal experience in the program they are enrolled in, including extra-curricular activities and groups within McGill and the EUS as well as methods of adapting to university. Their personal, professional, and research experiences. Their study habits, including tips and additional resources for studying for the courses they tutor.
5.2.11 As mentor, tutors are expected to refer students to the McGill Engineering Student Centre, to speak with academic and career advisors, and are not permitted to advise students on the following: Planning their curriculum, Specific professors to take courses with, Specific career advice.
5.3 Tutors are expected to treat students and staff with respect.
5.4 Renewal of Tutors:
5.4.1 Tutors will be renewed according to their performance at the discretion of the manager, in accordance with the EPTS Memorandum of Agreement.
5.4.2 If a tutor needs to be replaced during the course of an academic year, and the position has already been interviewed for during that same academic year, a suitable candidate may be chosen from previous applicants for the position. If there are no suitable previous applicants, or the position has not been interviewed for during the same academic year, full interviews as described in must be held
5.5 Dismissal of Tutors:
5.5.1 Tutors may be dismissed, at the discretion of the manager and the Vice President Academic of the EUS, and with the approval of the Staff Advisor in the event that they fail to comply with the duties outlined in section 3.2 and in the Memorandum of Agreement. Failure to comply upon the first instance will result in an initial oral warning; upon the second, a written warning, and then upon the third, dismissal.
5.5.2 The following situations may constitute ground for dismissal according to the procedure outlined in 3.5.1: The tutor fails to be present for his/her scheduled tutoring session or seminar without prior notification of the manager or the Vice President Academic of the EUS. The tutor fails to be present for the full period of his/her hours (given a 10-minute grace period). The tutor solicits for private tutoring during their office hours.
5.6 EPTS Memorandum of Agreement
5.6.1 Within the first week of tutoring, tutors are to sign a Memorandum of Agreement detailing the terms of their service as stated in 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

Article 6: Vice President Academic of the EUS

6.1 Duties:
6.1.1 Promote the peer tutoring service within the EUS community.
6.1.2 Announce the opening of tutor positions to the EUS community.
6.1.3 Meet at least once a month with the manager to evaluate the current status of the service.
6.1.4 Work with the staff advisor and manager to further the service’s interests.
6.1.5 Act as the liaison with the EUS which includes: Maintaining the policy, Submitting EPTS related motions to council and keeping council apprised of EPTS activities.
6.1.6 Oversee finances and approve the budget including defending the approved budget at the Board of Governors
6.1.7 Prepare the incoming Vice President Academic of the EUS to take over management of EPTS.
6.1.8 Along with the manager, write a final report at the end of the year regarding the tutoring services.

Article 7: Staff Advisor

7.1 The staff advisor is required to be a full-time MESC employee.
7.2 The staff advisor shall assist in communication with the Faculty of Engineering.
7.3 The staff advisor shall provide advice on general operation and future of the service.
7.4 The staff advisor shall assist in room bookings.
7.5 The staff advisor shall process the award payments for tutors and the manager upon receiving the completed EPTS Award Service Logs from the manager.
7.6 The staff advisor shall work with the manager and the Vice President Academic of the EUS to further the service’s interests.

Article 8: Meetings

8.1 Meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Vice President Academic of the EUS or manager, at least twice every semester.
8.2 These meetings shall be attended by the Vice President Academic of the EUS, the Manager, the Staff Advisor, and if possible, the Associate Director of the Engineering Student Centre.
8.3 The purpose of the meetings shall be to:
8.4 Receive updates from the manager regarding all aspects of the service.
8.5 Check on the current usage and need of resources, such as tutoring space, computer availability, books, etc.
8.6 Look at improvements to the service for the next academic year.

Article 9: Amendments

9.1 Amendments of this policy shall be submitted for review by a member of the MESC.
9.2 Amendments to this policy must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Governors of the EUS

Article 10: Interpretation

10.1 In the case of a conflict between this policy and the following documents, the following documents prevail in the order they are listed in:
10.1.1 The Quebec Companies Act
10.1.2 The EUS Letters Patent
10.1.3 The EUS Constitution
10.1.4 The EUS Bylaws