Departmental Lounges

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A Departmental Lounge is a room granted by the faculty to each of the Departmental Societies for the purpose of a having a space to do their activities in (host events, take payments, meetings etc.). The lounges also serve as a general space for departments to hang out or relax between classes. Each lounge is located as follows:

Departmental Society Building Room Number
Architecture Lounge (The Cellar) MacDonald-Harrington G2
Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Society lol :'(  ?
Chem Lounge Wong 1130
Civil Lounge MacDonald Engineering ENGMD 290
ECSESS Lounge Trottier ENGTR 1060
Mining Lounge Frank Dawson Adams ADAMS 108
MAME McConnell Engineering ENGMC 120
Metroom Wong 1140