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Adopted 2010-10-26
Last Modified 2017-08

ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE SOCIETY OF MCGILL UNIVERSITY Blues Pub Policy Adopted October 2010, Amended March 2013, March 2014, August 2017

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 The Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University (hereafter referred as “ EUS ”) is the registered name of the non-for-profit corporation representing the engineering and architecture undergraduate students at McGill University
1.2 The Board of Governors of the EUS is the administrative board of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University which is composed of Administrators as defined by the EUS Constitution
1.3 The EUS shall recognise all Departmental Societies, Clubs, and Design Teams set forth in the relevant articles of the EUS Constitution as EUS Groups
1.4 Blues Pub : a regular event offered by the EUS for McGill students to gather and socialize, held in the EUS Common Room.
1.4.1 Additionally, Blues Pub is offered as a service to engineering undergraduate student groups, for them to host an event that can raise awareness of their activities, involve their members, and lastly to raise money for their group. It is a privilege, not a right of engineering undergraduate student groups to host a Blues Pub.
1.5 Exec-On-Call : Executive member in charge of money (supplying cash boxes, returning cash boxes after Blues Pub and overseeing the counting and depositing of money), in charge of security relations;
1.6 Organizer: Person, or persons in charge of organizing and running Blues Pub. Includes departmental executives, EUS committee organizers, members of EUS Clubs, or EUS design teams, and anyone else given a Blues Pub during the school year;
1.7 Host : Synonymous with organizer
1.8 Organizer-In-Charge: Single person in charge of organizing and running Blues Pub, as designated from the group of organizers.
1.9 Server : Person who serves alcohol, serves food, or handles money at Blues Pub;
1.10 Participant: Person who enters Blues Pub;
1.11 Underage : Person under the legal age of drinking in Quebec (18 years old)
1.12 Blues Pub Manager : person selected in accordance with the Blues Pub Policy, and charged with supervising Blues Pub, enforcing the guidelines put forth herein, and distributing financial reprimands when appropriate;
1.13 Blues Pub Operating expenses : Expenses incurred by the Blues Pub managers in execution of their mandate, including but not limited to purchasing food supplies

(bread, cheese etc.), cleaning supplies, napkins, maintenance costs of cookware and kitchen ware, bottle openers, signage.

Article 2: Purpose

2.1 This policy shall lay out the management, the execution, and the different stakeholders during Blues Pubs
2.2 All Blues Pubs must abide by the EUS’ Alcohol Policy. In the event of a conflict between this policy and the Alcohol Policy, the Alcohol Policy shall prevail.

Article 3: Hours of Operation

3.1 Blues Pubs shall occur between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Fridays. A last call for the sale of alcohol shall be made publicly at 8:30 pm.
3.1.1 During E-Week, there may be Blues Pubs on each day between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm.
3.1.2 Blues Pubs shall only occur when an alcohol permit from the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec has been procured and is on display in the serving area. The procurement of these alcohol permits shall be the responsibility of the Blues Pub Managers.

Article 4: Advertising/Promotion

4.1 Posters, flyers, Facebook cover photos, and any other promotional materials, must be approved by the Blues Pub Managers before being distributed or displayed online.
4.2 The Blues Pub Manager in charge of Promotions will give access to the Blues Pub Facebook page one week in advance to the Organizer-in-Charge, so the Organizers may create their Facebook event. The Blues Pub Manager shall remove access one week after their Blues Pub, allowing time for the Organizers to upload any promotional photos.
4.3 Blues Pub Managers withhold the right to screen and remove any photos before and after being uploaded to the Blues Pub page.
4.4 Any promotional revenue (e.g. advertising or sponsorship by a 3rd party) solicited by the EUS and not the Organizers shall be reinvested in Blues Pub to pay for Blues Pub operating expenses. These revenues will not be distributed directly to any individual hosts regardless if their Blues Pub is used for the purposes of that advertisement (e.g. a banner hung at their Blues Pub for a sponsor).

Article 5: Selection of Blues Pub Organizers

5.1 Blues Pubs shall only be organized by the EUS committees, EUS Groups, or external affiliated groups.
5.2 At least one week before the first Blues Pub of the fall semester the Blues Pub Managers shall call a meeting of all VP Internals of the departmental associations, and one representative of each host selected for a Blues Pub for that year.
5.2.1 At this meeting, the VP Internals shall decide on a standard price for beer, cups, some food items, and standard policies concerning happy hours. The price of beer must never be below the retail price of beer. For any item sold at Blues Pub that lacks a standard price, it is at the discretion of the Organizer-in-Charge to set a price for the event.
5.3 Any committee or EUS Group wishing to host a Blues Pub in the fall and/or winter semester must fill out the Blues Pub Application form included in Appendix C (Departmental Societies) or Appendix D (all other applicants).
5.3.1 The application due date is two weeks before the first Blues Pub in the Fall semester
5.4 A Selection Committee composed of the Vice President Internal, Vice President Finance, and President of the EUS, and the Blues Pub Managers shall select the applications that will be allocated a Blues Pub. Selection shall be made two weeks before the first fall Blues Pub so that the first host has two weeks notification.
5.4.1 The aforementioned Selection Committee shall prepare a schedule of Blues Pubs for the fall semester at this time. Selected hosts must be notified with 2 weeks notice of their Blues Pub date.
5.4.2 Blues Pub Applications must be made available to committees, and EUS Groups Departmental Presidents and VP Internals, as well as any EUS committees, clubs and design teams must be informed a minimum of 2 weeks before the deadline to submit applications.
5.4.3 If preferred dates of groups are in conflict, in the first semester priority will be given to Departmental associations.
5.4.4 Winter Blues Pub dates will be selected within one week after the final Blues Pub of the Fall semester.
5.4.5 Departmental Societies are the only groups that may apply for two for-profit Blues Pubs in one Academic School Year
5.4.6 Applicants may be denied a Blues Pub on the following criteria: A Blues Pub application may be denied on the grounds of unsatisfactory responses to all questions Unsatisfactory may be defined by insufficient response to the questions, failure to demonstrate the capacity to organize a Blues Pub, failure to show commitment required to run a Blues Pub. A Blues Pub for a Department may be denied on the grounds of unsatisfactory operation of a previous Blues Pub within the same school year Denial for previously violating any part of this policy within the same school year
5.4.7 In the event of more applicants than Blues Pub availabilities, first priority shall be given to the Departmental Societies for their first Blues Pub
5.4.8 In the event of an unsatisfactory performance by any Department with their first Blues Pub they may be assigned a co-host for their second Blues Pub from the pool of applicants. Revenues shall be split evenly unless otherwise specified.
5.5 The Organizers of each Blues pub shall provide the Vice President Internal of the EUS with:
5.5.1 The name and contact information of a server trained member of their group who shall act as Organizer-In-Charge
5.5.2 The names and signatures of at least 6 server trained persons who will commit to serve at their department’s Blues Pub. This must be submitted by 3PM of the same day as their Blues Pub by signing up in the EUS office.
5.5.3 On the night of Blues Pub the Organizer-In-Charge must sign the Blues Pub Disclaimer found in Appendix A before signing out any beer.
5.6 The last Blues Pub of each semester shall be reserved for Rowdy Day, from which all profits go to a charitable cause selected and published at least two weeks prior.
5.6.1 Rowdy Day can start earlier than a regular Blues Pub.
5.6.2 Rowdy Day exists to encourage camaraderie and Engineering spirit before exams.
5.7 In the event multiple groups are selected to co-host Blues Pub they must determine prior to Blues Pub how profit shall be split and inform the Blues Pub managers. Expenses and revenues are expected to be split according to the agreed upon breakdown.

Article 6: Responsibilities for the Exec-On-Call shall be:

6.1 To ensure that this policy, the Alcohol Policy, the McGill Alcohol Policy is not violated at any time.
6.2 To provide the Organizers of Blues Pub with three cash boxes, including one with the Blues Pub float, for the operation of Blues Pub at 3::45. Two cash boxes are to be used at the bar, and one at the food station.
6.3 To ensure that there is a volunteer at the door who is verifying the age of every person entering the venue and that people who are underage are not allowed to enter.
6.4 To assist the Blues Pub Managers with any situation requiring assistance.
6.5 To be vigilant that all servers are server trained
6.6 To count the money raised at the end of Blues Pub with the Organizer-in-Charge and ensure the float remains in a single cash box.
6.7 To be the last person to exit the Common Room after clean-up.
6.8 To return the Beer Room keys to the Vice President Finance of the EUS’ office immediately after cleanup is complete.

Article 7: Responsibilities of the Blues Pub Managers

7.1 Blues Pub managers shall be given Beer Room keys for the setup and duration of Blues Pub and to be returned to the Exec-On-Call at the end of clean-up
7.2 To set midterm cleaning dates for all Organizers-In-Charge (or a delegate of such) up to that time to come in and clean, and to hold those not in attendance accountable.
7.2.1 Organizers-In-Charge will be given two (2 weeks notice prior to their cleaning date and are responsible for sending one (1) representative.
7.2.2 Mid-term cleaning sessions are responsible for cleaning the areas that are cumulatively dirty after several Blues Pubs but are not cleaned on a weekly basis, namely organizing the cupboards, cleaning underneath the bar, cleaning the sides of the bar, organizing the DJ booth, organizing the storage room, properly cleaning the beer room mats, and any other areas deemed necessary by the Blues Pub managers.
7.3 To set up and publicize an online application process for tabling during Blues Pub for any committee, EUS Group, or other external affiliated group.
7.3.1 There shall be a maximum of two (2) groups tabling per Blues Pub.
7.3.2 Preference shall be given to committees, then to EUS Groups, and finally to external affiliated groups, before unaffiliated and external groups in the presence of conflicts.
7.4 To act as a point of contact for musicians wanting to play at Blues Pub and facilitate the relationship and promotion of such groups to the hosts of Blues Pub.
7.5 To ensure hosts are aware of proper sanitation guidelines and ensure that those policies are followed by hosts.
7.5.1 Blues Pub managers shall allocate financial reprimands to hosts not following proper sanitation as outlined by the sanitation guidelines in Appendix E.
7.6 To ensure that serving trays and cookware, including Panini presses, microwave and popcorn machine, are in proper working order.
7.7 To ensure that hosts are supplied with and have access to napkins, gloves, and proper cleaning supplies.
7.8 To order and ensure a proper stock of cleaning supplies is maintained
7.9 To ‘check out’ any beer required for the operation of Blues Pub and enter the amount of beer withdrawn into the logbook
7.10 To ‘check out’ any food required for the operation of Blues Pub and enter the quantity of each food item taken into the logbook
7.11 To order and ensure the storage room is stocked with pizza pockets, butter, bread, cheese, and popcorn kernels for each host free of charge. Blues Pub managers shall also produce an intake stock record of all food items ordered
7.12 To ‘check in’ all empty cases and unused full cases and enter the amounts in the log book
7.13 To ensure that all servers are server trained
7.14 To patrol Blues Pub and ensure that intoxicated people are not consuming alcohol.
7.15 To verify the state of the bathrooms surrounding the common room once an hour.
7.16 To call McGill Security in the event of any situation which threatens the health or security of any person.
7.17 To call McGill Security in the event of an injury.
7.18 To ensure that the Blues Pub disclaimer, beer room check out, and food check out forms are all printed and in order for each Blues Pub.
7.19 To complete the End of Blues Pub Report found in Appendix B.
7.20 To assign financial reprimands for all infractions outlined in Appendix F, Blues Pub Reprimands Policy.
7.20.1Money obtained by financial reprimands will be used to pay for Blues Pub operating expenses.
7.20.2Financial reprimands shall be allocated evenly and impartially to all hosts in the event of a co-hosted Blues Pub regardless of the infringing parties affiliation. Further allocation of responsibility is left to the hosts should they choose to determine responsibility.
7.20.3Financial reprimands are ultimately at the discretion of the Blues Pub managers and not the Exec-on-call.
7.20.4Blues Pub hosts wishing to dispute any financial reprimand they have incurred shall take up issue directly with the Blues Pub managers through the formal appeal process. Disputes include but are not limited to co-hosts claiming another co-host did not fulfill their responsibility and do not deserve their pre-determined revenue share, that a financial reprimand was not justly distributed, or otherwise. Complaints will be brought to the EUS Executives who are unbiased in the situation
7.21 The Blues Pub managing team shall consist of the following roles: Head manager, a manager of Promotions, a manager of Food and Sanitation, and a manager of Space.
7.21.1The Head manager shall be responsible for the following: To keep track of beer room stock and place the weekly beer order To receive special beer orders from Organizers of each week and ensure they are made To supervise the beer delivery each week, including handling the beer room keys, and sign off on the beer delivery verifying what was delivered matches their order, and submitting the invoice for payment. To keep the Vice President Finance of the EUS informed of all beer orders and deliveries via email, including copying the Vice President Finance of the EUS on all email orders and communications.
7.21.2The Manager of Promotions shall be responsible for articles 7.3, and 7.4, as well as the following: Handling the Facebook page, including giving access to Organizers to create their events, previewing and approving themes, event descriptions, and other promotional media to ensure they follow the Blues Pub policy and EUS Alcohol Policy.
7.21.3The Manager of Food and Sanitation shall be responsible for articles 7.6, 7.7,
7.8, and 7.11.
7.21.4The Manager of Space shall be responsible for articles 7.2, and 7.18 as well as the following: Maintaining proper signage at Blues Pub Maintaining the bottle openers and kitchen are properly in order Maintaining the DJ booth Any initiatives that will improve the space for the better of Blues Pub Having a regular cleanup routine for each week (i.e. a schedule of things that need to happen during clean-up)
7.22 If a Blues Pub Manager is unable to fulfill their duties at a certain Blues Pub, and they are unable to find a proxy from the Blues Pub Managers, an EUS Executive shall fill in the role of Blues Pub Manager.

Article 8: Responsibilities of the Organizers

8.1 Every Organizer running the Blues Pub must have attended the Server Training Workshop held by Campus Life & Engagement, and must have their name and student ID number on file with their office.
8.2 Every person serving at Blues Pub must have been officially server trained, by Campus Life & Engagement and must wear their server badge accompanied by a McGill ID card at all times when serving.
8.3 All servers who wish to serve at Blues Pub must sign up with their name, student ID, and server training date in the EUS office before 3:00 pm on the day of Blues Pub.
8.4 Arrive at least one hour in advance to begin decorations, setting up food, stocking and chilling beer.
8.5 Ensure that all Organizers and Participants are over the age of 18 years old.
8.6 Last call should be announced at 8:30pm; serving should cease by 8:45pm, at which point there is no re-entry.
8.7 Music should stop playing by 8:55pm and organizers should begin to usher guests out of the Common Room.
8.8 Clean up should begin at 9PM, which includes mopping the floors, wiping down surfaces, returning empties, and any other tasks as assigned by the Blues Pub Managers.
8.9 All furniture should be moved against the walls on Friday and returned to their usual locations the following Monday by 11AM.
8.10 In the event that organizers cannot rearrange the furniture, they must notify Vice President Services of the EUS or the Space Manager at least two business days prior to their Blues Pub to make special arrangements, which will incur a cost of approximately $50 to their organization as billed by McGill Facilities.

Article 9: During Blues Pub

9.1 All servers must have a visible marker on their person which distinguishes them from the other participants of Blues Pub.
9.2 No server may drink alcohol of any sort before and/or during their serving time. If they do drink alcohol, of any quantity, the serving marker is to be removed and they are not to serve for the remainder of the night.
9.2.1 If the marker is removed voluntarily, there are no repercussions for their serving future.
9.2.2 If the marker is removed forcibly, the server is no longer allowed to serve at EUS events for a period of no less than four school months. After this time period, the server will remain on probation for four more school months. If there is another serving violation during this time period, they will be permanently barred from serving at EUS events and their names and student numbers will be reported to the First Year Office.
9.3 During Blues Pub, only servers with the serving marker will be permitted in the alcohol serving area. Alcohol is only to be served from the serving counter in the kitchen. Full or empty cases are to remain in the kitchen or beer room at all times.
9.4 During Blues Pub, no drinks are to be consumed in the alcohol serving area by anyone, involved or not in the organization of the Blues Pub.
9.5 All activities and promotions for Blues Pub must be approved by the Blues Pub Managers before occurring.
9.6 A volunteer of sound mind must be present at the door to the common room, and must not allow any alcohol to enter or exit the room, by anyone, for any reason. This volunteer must also check ID’s of every person entering the venue. Underage persons shall not be allowed into the venue during Blues Pub.
9.6.1 McGill ID is required upon entry. When a group of participants show up, only one person from the group must have a McGill ID.
9.7 At least two Organizers with the serving marker must be supervising the participants of Blues Pub. If anyone is seen acting irresponsibly or breaking the law, the Organizer must find the Blues Pub Manager or Exec-on-Call, who will then remove them from the room. These actions include, but are not limited to: promoting drinking games, promoting binge drinking, visibly being intoxicated, breaking or endangering any property belonging to the EUS or other participants, etc.
9.8 No activities which promote an excessive or accelerated rate of consumption of alcohol are to be promoted or organized during Blues Pub.
9.9 The following alcoholic drinks may not be served at Blues Pubs:
9.9.1 Any beverage or ‘shot’ with more than 15% alcohol per volume regardless of the volume of beverage served. For beverages made using a mix of standard 80 proof liquor and a non-alcoholic drink, a mix of 1 part liquor to 3 parts non-alcoholic drink shall be considered servable.
9.9.2 Any beverage where alcohol is contained in a gelatine base.
9.10 All Blues Pubs must serve both food and non-alcoholic beverages at a reasonable price.
9.10.1There must be one non-alcoholic beverage sold for a lower price than the cheapest alcoholic beverage sold.
9.10.2Non-alcoholic beverages must be displayed in a similar way to alcoholic beverages.
9.10.3Non-alcoholic beverages must be served in a similar container to alcoholic beverages if requested.
9.11 Music at Blues Pub must be run from inside the Common Room DJ booth. If a dedicated DJ has been chosen for a given Blues Pub, they cannot set up their equipment anywhere except inside the DJ booth.
9.12 No beverage is ever allowed in the DJ booth.
9.13 The Organizing committee or group shall provide adequate volunteers for the distribution and washing of reusable mugs.

Article 10: Closing of Blues Pub

10.1 If at any time, an Organizer or Blues Pub Manager believes the Alcohol Permit is in jeopardy of being lost, they are to take immediate action to rectify the situation with consultation of the Exec-On-Call.
10.2 The Exec-On-Call or Blues Pub Manager may cancel or close a Blues Pub at any time for any reason.

Article 11: Amendments

11.1 Amendments to this policy must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Governors of the EUS

Article 12: Interpretation

12.1 In the case of a conflict between this policy and the following documents, the following documents prevail in the order they are listed in:
12.1.1The Quebec Companies Act
12.1.2The EUS Letters Patent
12.1.3The EUS Constitution
12.1.4The EUS Bylaws


McGill regulations on the use of alcohol on campus:
a) Each person serving alcohol on campus must have attended a McGill Server Training Seminar and be wearing a server badge when serving alcohol. Anyone serving at Blues Pub must appear on a serving list that is in the EUS office which will be sent to security.
b) Non-alcoholic beverages must be available and visible. They must be served in the same type of containers as alcoholic beverages.
c) Alcoholic beverage prices charged must not be lower than retail cost of the beverages sold. If other alcohol is sold the committee must show the retail costs of the beverage and present the proposed pricelist before the event.
d) Organizers cannot advertise the fact that alcoholic beverages are served or sold at the event. All posters advertising Blues Pubs must be approved and stamped by the EUS.
e) Alcoholic beverages may not leave the basement of McConnell.
f) Any person deemed by a server to be intoxicated must not be served.
Provincial Law
a) The area where the alcohol is served must be restricted to only authorized personnel. At Blues Pub, these are the people who are part of the committee/organization, or volunteers, and who have been server-trained. No server can serve if they have been drinking nor can they drink while serving.
b) Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold to minors or to somebody who is buying the beverage for a minor.
c) Organizers must maintain order and restrict behaviour so that it is in keeping with promoting public safety and tranquility.
d) Advertising may only include the: date, hours, location, and entertainment.